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We offer 1:1  tutoring designed to help children with Autism, Learning Disorders, or Developmental Delays make maximum academic progress. We use research driven and proven teaching methods and curriculum and only fully licensed teachers.

Consulting & Workshops

Dr. Amanda has been a sought-after consultant and workshop provider on a wide range of topics for over a decade. Clients have included school boards, CAS, Corrections Canada, &  Research Conventions.


With over a decade of experience working in a comprehensive array of mental health settings including hospitals, clinics, and schools Dr. Amanda has the skills you need to help you overcome whatever challenges you or your child are facing.

Triple A Psychology 

"I know many children who have made significant positive progress as Dr. A has worked with them and their families... Life changing for the children and their families."
- J.S., Early Childhood Education

"The life of a teenager is sometimes very difficult. Dr. A provides great resources and support to teenagers and families helping them to navigate some difficult paths."
-C.R., Resource Teacher



"Dr. A's integrative approach is fantastic as she works not only 1:1 with individuals but also collaborates with families, schools, and community services to provide a well-rounded comprehensive plan"
-A.C. Parent

"Dr. A has not only helped my child overcome his anxiety but has also helped me to address my own life-long issues with anxiety and worry as well."

Dr. Amanda is an experienced clinician, researcher, professor, and consultant

Dr. Amanda Morgan 

Our team specializes in working with children and adults struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Grief using therapy techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & Mindfullness. 

We partner with a number of excellent IBI and ABA service providers (see locations tab). 

Dr. Amanda has experience working with numerous DFO government funded IBI/ABA agencies. Dr. Amanda also frequently works with school boards and community agencies

Comprehensive flat-rate Assessments including: child developmental, psych-oeducational or adult  mental health, vocational, & autism spectrum screening.





ASSESSMENT & Diagnosis